Hip Hop

My family had me rolling laughing Tuesday night when they hooked up the stereo to a VCD player and busted out some crazy English pop and hip hop music. Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, and Fergie had me smiling (and swaying a little bit admittedly) but then Timbaland really got me with Apologize. It probably doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but keep in mind that I have heard no English words while I have been in my house here, only Mongolian words one after another. I thought they were just rocking out, but then I figured out that they were playing it for me. They asked me if I wanted to take the music to my room, but I laughed and smiled saying I would just stay in the living room to listen to it. I think a couple of hours went by before I noticed and needless to say, I burned all the music onto my laptop and now I am listening to it again.