One of the big things in our community is gardening. On our family’s land about 80% is devoted to fruits, vegetables and flowers (including cucumbers, potatoes, onions, water melons, and carrots) and 20% is devoted to the house itself. This not only makes for very tasty dinners but also a big appetite to go with them. I have only been here for a week, but I would say I have already worked outside in the garden at least 20 hours. Taking into account that I only have about 4 hours free per weekday, I think that is pretty impressive. Also the work is totally voluntary, I was never asked to help and am allowed to do whatever I want when I do help. So far this has included aerating the soil by digging a foot down and then turning over the dirt and sand, raking through the soil to even it out, creating bordered areas with a hoe to hold in water so that the crops can soak it in, planting seeds and small plants to grow, and then watering them either by bucket or by hose (when we have the convenience of the small pump that pulls water from the well...which I think we are only borrowing at the moment). Sorry I didn’t share these skills with you and the rows of corn while I was still at home dad, but when I get back I’ll be sure to bestow my border-making skills upon you, don’t worry.