Friends and Family

My host family loves looking at pictures on my iPod Touch and in fact they are getting really good at it! I was nervous at first thinking that it might come across as a high luxury that separated me from them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. They see it as a way to see pictures of my family, my home, my friends and things that I love and they regularly zoom in on pictures of my brother, sister, mom and dad and say how similar we all look; they especially like my sister and mom (you reading that Anna and Mom?). In fact, they are becoming such pros at it now that I have changed things around on the Touch so that it has over 500 of my favorite pictures now. I am working my way through all of my thousands of photos, but I figure that is enough to keep them busy for now.

One thing I think I should note here is that, as I would looking through all of my photos from years and years back, I became acutely aware of how fortunate I have been to have an incredible family, wonderful friends, and dozens of unforgettable adventures. I didn’t start crying (not yet anyway) as I traveled back in time flipping through pictures, but I definitely relived those experiences and felt very emotional and thankful. You have all been wonderful companions to me along my walk through life and I am very grateful for each of you. They say the best way to have great friends is to be a great friend, but I don’t know what I could have ever done to have attracted so many incredible people into my life. I feel very lucky and I love you all very much.