Flash Flood

I have seen some pretty incredible things while I have been here in Mongolia, including beautiful mountain landscapes, countless Mongolian smiles, and dozens of horses running through the countryside, but this afternoon I got to see something I didn’t expect: a flippin’ flash flood. Although we have been having light and consistent rain for the past few days, today we got a taste of what it is like to have a team of rain clouds unleashed on a city in less than 5 minutes. Health class was cancelled early, for fear that we might not be able to make it home by meeker (microbus), and we all had to take off our shoes and roll up our pants to our thighs just to get out to the vehicle. The current was way strong, probably moving at about 10 to 15 mph, and definitely took us all by surprise. We eventually did make it home to our neighborhood, where the puddles stretched over 50 yards in some places, but we certainly had a couple moments where we thought we might be sleeping in our meeker overnight.