It is a bit overwhelming for us, as guests in the city of Darkhan, to understand the complex history and design of the government, environment and culture that surrounds us here. For some it is depressing, for others interesting, and still yet for others it is a beautiful place. To be fair, I think all exist and are in many ways just a matter of perspective. Take for instance, like I have mentioned before, graffiti. Adorning apartment buildings it could be interpreted as hooliganism, vandalism, a sign of anarchy and discontent and it can be interpreted as expressionism, a search for identity, a sign of freedom of speech and confidence. Also keep in mind that a lot of the graffiti is written in English such as “New Kids on the Block” and “Backstreet Boys.” Officially I do not encourage graffiti, but I do encourage freedom of speech and personal expression. Is there a common ground?