Changing Times

It is always a blessing to see friends who I have known for years and years. They remind me of the many incredible experiences I have had as well as all of the things that have helped make me into who I am. At the same time, it is also a blessing to enjoy new experiences and realize, as events are happening, that these too are memories that will be cherished in the future. I graduated from Campbell right at one year ago and that still feels wild. I know I have grown since that time, but I still feel like the same person. Visiting with Shaw as he graduated from his Masters program yesterday and visiting with Chase and Michael as they graduate the day after tomorrow from Campbell, it's easy to see that life is moving along quickly. Change happens all around us all the time and it is very important to be present for it, appreciating it and recognizing that it is real and inevitable. It is good to appreciate the past, certainly, but I think it is very wise to appreciate the present. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to share these moments with my friends and family and I hope I appreciate them fully.