Best Soda Ever Made

The best soda ever made, in my opinion, is cream soda. I will drink other sodas, but I will go out of my way to drink cream soda. In fact, I am thinking about getting a keg system of cream soda when I get back from Peace Corps. My dad met a guy who has a root beer/refrigerator/keg system and that sounds pretty flippin' awesome.

Anyhow, before I leave for Peace Corps I would like to share my recent cream soda observations which have been collected over the past few months here at home. To date, as best as I can remember, I have tried six different brands of cream soda: IBC, Polar, Jones, Cott, Virgil, and Publix. I am on the lookout for more of course, but these six have been a great start. Here is where they stand on my 5-Star Cream Soda Rating System based on Creaminess, Flavor and Uniqueness.

Jones (4.5 Stars) - Pretty creamy, great flavor and unique with cane sugar
Cott (4 Stars) - Very creamy, good flavor and not very unique
Publix (4 Stars) - Creamy, very good flavor and not very unique
Virgil (3.5 Stars) - So-so creaminess, good flavor and very unique taste
IBC (3 Stars) - So-so creaminess, average flavor and not very unique
Polar (2.5 Stars) - So-so creaminess, below average flavor and not very unique

So while Jones does not receive the highest rating of 5 Stars, it is currently the leader by my estimation. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!