Things I Learned From Pier 1 Imports

If you wait you will get it on sale There are some really fun ladies out there Most retail store music plays in 2 hour loops Bringing snacks and food to share is a great way to make lots of friends Employees get 20% discounts on gift cards Retail can be rough If you are friendly and patient most employees will do everything they can to help you There is some really nice furniture out there to be had, including furniture that is ridiculously comfortable Pier 1 throws away 4 dumpster loads of cardboard per week On any given day there is something thrown in the trash dumpster at Pier 1 that is still pretty usable/awesome Everybody has an interesting story and some are downright incredible Being the only guy usually means you are lifting things between 50 and 400 pounds at any given moment Almost everything at Pier 1 has to be assembled, and if there is a guy around he probably did it or is about to do it It is now commonplace to build all furniture, regardless of size, with a six-inch allen wrench If you break it you don't have to buy it Everything goes on sale Buying stuff that isn't on sale is kind of silly Always ask employees about things they like or really cool deals that might be hard to find Somebody worked very early in the morning to bring those items off a truck into the store One of the best things a manager or leader can do is share in doing the work they are asking other people to do If everyone is checking out at the cash register, resist the urge to check out yourself, just wait a few minutes Everyone is more interesting than their job Some products can really make a living environment a lot more productive and enjoyable, take your time in picking those products out for yourself Where products are made is important Don't avoid going into a place because you don't think you can afford its products, there are always deals no matter where you go It's always good to laugh Pier 1 Imports is a pretty fun place