Gustar New York City

I just got back from an awesome trip to New York City with Michael, Jonathan, Michael's brother Alex and their cousin Sheyee. Following a collision of McDonald's and Long John Silver's we arrived in the city Friday around midnight. After 12 hours of driving and were greeted by Statue of Liberty, a bustling Times Square and an ever-towering Empire State Building. I expected traffic would be better toward 1am in the morning, but I think the city never sleeps. We may have had slightly better traffic late, but only slightly. We headed to Wee's place that night and finally got to bed around 3am after laughing, catching up with Wee and parking the car two blocks from his apartment.

Saturday was our busy day. We took the metro into the city and visited Ground Zero, a hot dog stand, NYU, Columbia, Central Park, a great pizza place, a pub to watch the UNC game (which was a heartbreaker) and then late that night we finally crawled back to Wee's place. All in all, I would say we walked about 6 hours and rode the subway for about 4 hours. We were pretty flippin' beat.

Sunday we went to see Wee's workplace and also eat at a Malaysian restaurant that he really enjoys. Then before we left we printed a picture of all of us and signed the frame as a gift to Wee's cousin who let us stay with her and with Wee while we visited. We packed up, said our goodbyes to our host Wee, and then stopped by White Castle on our way out, finally getting to taste those incredible hamburgers made famous to us by the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. We bought sixty of them (two Crave Cases)! I think there are about ten left still. I don't really remember the drive back, I slept pretty much the whole time, but we got in around 7am this morning. It was very fun and very awesome. The videos and pictures probably convey that pretty well.

Thanks again Wee, for letting us stay with you! Thanks also Michael, Jonathan, Alex and Sheyee for so much fun!