The American Dream

After a long dinner "the barrel place" and an even longer story about tonight's pyramid scam session featuring poor, innocent Jonathan Huffman, I have one simple gem I would like to share: the American dream. The short story is that the pyramid scammers, and other real-life scammers, often equate success in life with money. They say "Who wouldn't like an additional $xx,xxx a year?" or "If you earned $xxx,xxx a year, wouldn't that be the American dream?" Not exactly, the way I figure it.

The American dream has to do with happiness through hard work and being able to do what you love in a free society. This involves money to a degree, but I think the primary objective is to find your purpose in life and follow it. One of the biggest scams I think we can fall pray to in our lives is thinking that having more money will make us happier. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this isn't true, but beyond that there are life experiences one after another that demonstrate that there are more important things with which we should concern ourselves.