Not Done Drag Out

I have been checking the Democratic primary results since the beginning of the race and must say this is turning into a knock-down drag-out. Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says he hopes we can pick a candidate by April but if that doesn't happen we will be looking to a brokered Democratic National Convention in late August to make that decision for us. Keep in mind that after convention there will only be about two months and one week for the Democratic nominee to run against the Republican nominee in the general election. Yeah, I know.

So, what can you do? You can (1) vote, (2) voice your opinion and (3) write to your representatives:

  1. Most importantly vote - if you are a North Carolina resident our Democratic primary will be held on May 6th (and absentee ballots will be available as early as April 22nd).
  2. Voice your opinion by putting bumper stickers on your car, sharing your opinion in places where you have influence, and most of all telling other people to get out and vote.
  3. Lastly, write to your representatives. Over half of the superdelegates haven't decided whether they are going to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. These superdelegates are elected Democratic officials who will listen to you because you voted them into office and may or may not do it again. Write to them, whether you support Obama or Clinton, and let them know how you want them to vote. They represent you.

Other than that, I would suggest praying or meditating on this process. I am proud that, as a country, we are fielding three high quality individuals as our presidential hopefuls (McCain, Clinton and Obama). I hope that we can all vote together to choose the very best one and then enjoy four years of incredible leadership - our country needs that.