I am lucky to have always had very good friends in my life. As I was brushing my teeth this morning I was thinking back to when Jessica and I had a competition to see who could brush their teeth for the longest. We were in 1st grade I think. Jessica won at around 8 minutes. Afterward my mom pointed out that that was a very healthy competition to have, at which point it probably became less cool to us, but looking back I think it was pretty awesome that we did that. We also challenged each other with multiplication tables and general knowledge (like our area codes and so forth) around 2nd and 3rd grade. More than likely, that's why I can multiply huge numbers in my head and still remember my area code from back then (32935). Then I was thinking to just last night when Jonathan, Michael, Elias and I just sat around while Jonathan read out facts from a 2005 World Record book. We tried to guess which movie grossest the most money ever made, which mammal weighs the most in the world, which planet is the hottest, who was the actor with the highest grossing films ever and on and on. This lasted for probably two or three hours. Then we played MarioKart and had a lot of fun competing and then anti-competing by trying to kill Michael (who was best) and make sure Jonathan won (who said we'll play one more game if I win) so that we could keep playing. I'm glad to have had friends in my life who offer great support and healthy competition. Oh, and the answers by the way were Titantic, Blue Whale, Mercury, and Harrison Ford.