This month I am going to try a "thankfulness" experiment: every night I am going to list three things that happened during that day for which I am grateful. Anything that made me feel uplifted, brought a smile to my face or heart, or will contribute to my overall future happiness works. I'll update this daily.

Saturday, December 1st
  1. Watching the sunrise this morning
  2. Planning for/Being a part of Josh & Becky's wedding
  3. Having Jonathan help me with the world picture for my blog
Sunday, December 2nd
  1. 95.7FM The Ride at Work (Acoustical Sunday Mornings)
  2. A warm nap in a cold room in the late afternoon
  3. Laughs with really fun Pier 1 coworkers together at Olive Garden

Monday, December 3rd

  1. Being able to express my emotions and work through them
  2. An hour's hike on Baker's Mountain
  3. Taking a 14-hour nap

Tuesday, December 4th

  1. Circadian Rhythm
  2. Laughing until it hurts
  3. Having a fun night with my brother and sister
Wednesday, December 5th
  1. Chase's song Meltable Dan
  2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  3. Hugging Amy Lee
Thursday, December 6th
  1. Guessing right about where the name Bojangles comes from
  2. The smell of nice soap
  3. Playing with our dogs and learning more about them from Cesar
Friday, December 7th
  1. Checking up on Kid Nation
  2. Playing Would You Rather with Jonathan
  3. Laughing about The Office
Saturday, December 8th
  1. Having a fun coffee shop to sell my photography in
  2. Being able to help the Youth Council in the Hickory Parade
  3. A long night of great conversation with Jonathan
Sunday, December 9th
  1. Acoustical Mornings on 95.7 The Ride
  2. Chicken Biscuits in the morning from my assistant manager
  3. Relaxing and planning out my week
Monday, December 10th
  1. Buddy Passes that flight attendants can give to friends
  2. Boy Scouts and friends of Boy Scouts
  3. 30,000 on an incredible day in South Carolina with Barack
Tuesday, December 11th
  1. Irony
  2. Stevie Wonder's song I Wish
  3. Ralph Waldo Emerson's quotes
Wednesday, December 12th
  2. Spending a crazy day with Jonathan
  3. Playing Would You Rather with Elias
Thursday, December 13th
  1. Getting a call from Peace Corps about my invitation
  2. Hanging out and laughing with Chase
  3. Talking with McKinnon for the first time in forever
Friday, December 14th
  1. Reading wonderful yearbook comments from Zoe, Anna, Danielle and Amy a year and a half ago
  2. Laughing really hard with Chase as he crawled into a cubby hole
  3. Having Alena fill in for me at work Sunday
Saturday, December 15th
  1. Having a great experience at Pier 1 Imports in Winston Salem
  2. Having such a wonderful time with great friends and memories at Josh and Becky's wedding
  3. Chase finding the long-lost remote to my CD player
Sunday, December 16th
  1. Curling up in a warm fleece blanket during a cold winter morning
  2. Getting to see Michael's graduation and eat P.F. Chang's with everyone
  3. Chatting with Jonathan over a six hour car drive
Monday, December 17th
  1. Hanging out with Anna, Elias and Dad
  2. Watching Home Movies, Season 4
  3. Falling asleep to Anna reading to us
Tuesday, December 18th
  1. Walking with the dogs
  2. Watching Lost Trailers for Season 4
  3. Playing on iMovie
Wednesday, December 19th
  1. Getting my Peace Corps letter in the mail
  2. Making a great video with my sister about letter
  3. Going to Mongolia!
Thursday, December 20th
  1. Being able to tell everyone the great news
  2. Awesome conversations with friends
  3. Visiting with my grandma
Friday, December 21st
  1. Telling everyone at work about Peace Corps
  2. Finishing my Christmas letters
  3. Having a relaxing work environment
Saturday, December 22nd
  1. The nice cool weather
  2. A warm fire in the living room
  3. Laughing with my family
Sunday, December 23rd
  1. Playing with Jonathan
  2. Talking for hours about ideas
  3. Watching movies with my family
Monday, December 24th
  1. The excitement of Christmas Ever
  2. Wrapping up some presents
  3. Reading The Night Before Christmas
Tuesday, December 25th
  1. Having an awesome Christmas with my family
  2. Watching everyone enjoy their gifts
  3. Sending out my Christmas letters
Wednesday, December 26th
  1. Having fun at work
  2. Relaxing and wearing my new pants
  3. My new hushpuppy shoes from dad
Thursday, December 27th
  1. Having enough money to get an iPod Touch
  2. Playing with the dogs outside
  3. Playing with Eli and Anna
Friday, December 28th
  1. Traveling to Asheville with Michael and friends
  2. Having some great pizza at The Mellow Mushroom
  3. Enjoying hilarious jokes and fun with friends
Saturday, December 29th
  1. Hanging out with Michael, Jonathan and Phillip
  2. Playing games late into the night
  3. Sleeping on a wonderful futon on the ground
Sunday, December 30th
  1. Playing Halo 3 with Jonathan and Michael
  2. Meeting a new friend who is awesome
  3. Being able to visit the library study room
Monday, December 31st
  1. Getting Jonathan's present through Ernesto
  2. Having a great goal setting session with Jonathan
  3. Getting my goals for next year straightened out