I was able to watch The Last Mimzy today with Elias and Leighanna and it was great! Maybe it's because I haven't watched a kid's movie in a while or because we were pretty close to the screen, but this one gave me chills. One of the biggest lessons in the movie is to stay open and as pure as possible. The two children in the movie come across something is hard to believe, but they go with what they feel is right and they find themselves doing great things because of it. Also, the movie shows again and again that there is a lot more to this world and this universe than we might ever know. As a student of science and an observer of the world around me, this is something I try to remind myself as often as I can. We love to try to explain things away as quick as we can, but maybe one of the best things we can do is seek out the mysterious and try to appreciate our place in it. We might not always understand everything, but maybe we're not supposed to either.