Mac Family

I am pleased to announce that I have purchased and will be receiving tomorrow a new MacBook. This is my second computer (this one I'm on right now will be going to my sister) and I couldn't be more excited. I thought about it all this school year, talked with dozens of people (including Peace Corps Volunteers), saved up quite a bit of money and finally called Apple last week to order a MacBook and free iPod. It did take time to decide on a MacBook, including choosing black or white, but I am lucky to have had quite a lot of help along the way.* I knew I wanted something that I could take with me to Peace Corps: something light, fun, simple, wireless, and great on battery life, and MacBook was it...a white one to be precise.

In the coming weeks I know I will have a lot to say about Macs, including what it is like to switch from a PC to a Mac, but for now I would just like to say I am very grateful to those of you who have helped me get this MacBook and I am very excited to open it up tomorrow.

* I have a pretty long list of people to thank for all of this since the advice and the money I've received for this purchase didn't only come from my own research or hard work. Each time I open up my new computer or turn on my iPod, I will think of you. Thank you Chris Disher, Ashley Mushnick, Shawn Pendergrass, Heather Davis, David Rengifo, Michael Sellers, Toni-Lyn Keller, Chris Hewitt, Jimi Rainier and Jonathan Huffman for all of your encouragement, advice and answers to my questions regarding Macs. You really helped me choose a great company and the great products it offers. Thank you also Papa Leslie, Aunt Debbie, Big Nanny, Papa Jack, Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Arthur, Aunt Mary, Uncle Ronnie, Uncle Randy, Aunt Suzy, Omega, Paolo, Jessica and Shayla Donisi, Christy, Mark, Alexis and Brody Boyer, Cassandra McPherson, Grandma Louise, Papa Ward, Leighanna, Elias, Mom and Dad for helping me to buy this MacBook and iPod. I saved up a bit on my own through working at Campbell this year (thank you Campbell students for your tuition money), but your graduation gifts and kindness made up a huge sum of this purchase. I really appreciate all of your support. Thank you very much.