I just recently returned from a great trip to Florida with my family. For one week my sister and I went down to see our friends in Melbourne and then the next week my entire family met in Gainesville to visit our friends and family there. The last time I visited Melbourne was two years ago, in my sophomore year of college, and the next time I am able to visit will probably be two years from now when I return from the Peace Corps. It's hard to visit that far apart, since so much can change in two years, but at the same time I have found that a lot of important things stay the same. Like I mentioned in my entry before about Jessica and I, it's nice to be able to see your close friends and not feel like that much has changed.

I was able to see Jimi and is new baby boy Asher, my old friends David, Christy and Jessica and all of my family in Gainesville. My sister and I were able to drive around to all of our favorite spots in the Melbourne, including our old schools (Harbor City, Meadowlane, Central and West Shore), our old houses on Tompkins and Keystone and even eat some butterscotch dipped vanilla ice cream cones at Del's Freeze, our favorite ice cream shop. We explored the streets of St. Augustine, swam in the waves of Crescent Beach and played bocce ball with our uncles and cousins right before we left for home. In all, we had an awesome time and I am really glad that we went. Even though it will be a while, I really look forward to seeing everyone again soon.