Saturday I was able to see one of my bestest friends of all time: Jessica Donisi. We have been friends since kindergarten and I love her dearly. Neatly, my sister Leighanna and her sister Shayla are also best friends since before kindergarten (they are both younger than us). So, needless to say, when we all got together it was an official awesome adventure and super shindig. This time we played the Wii, chased a dog, boxed, golfed, bowled, played tennis, raced horses, played Trivial Pursuit, hit the jackpot on the Wheel of Fortune, took tons of ridiculous pictures, slammed hammers on that carnival thing with the bell on the top, shot terrorists (and hostages…sorry) with machine guns, ate chicken fingers, hunted deer, won over four thousand tickets, bought whistles and a Cookie Monster, jumped up in the air in nervous excitement, laughed our butts off over and over and gambled away tons of money on Colorama. I still can’t decide if Colorama or Wheel of Fortune is more likely to pony up the most tickets…I guess if you have to ask, you’ll never know.

I will say this: no matter how old we get I think it will only take a game or two to remember what childish things we all have in common. As serious, old and seriously old as I get, Jessica will always be able to bring out the kid in me and that is really nice. I’m sure she feels the same way. I mean, who else can beat her in all these games? Oh snap.