Study Abroad

Leaving the United States and experiencing another culture is one of the most incredible experiences a college student can have. Ask all the students you can who have done it and I'm sure they'll agree. Whether it was going to Costa Rica for a summer, or visiting Europe for a semester, studying abroad really changes your perspective.

Campbell University's Study Abroad Program is developing rapidly and improving all of its programs every year. Not only can you go to Costa Rica, England or Australia like Campbell students have in the past (I myself went to Costa Rica for two months), but every year there are more and more places added that you can choose from. If you can, try to choose a program that also mixes with your future interests (whether it's medicine, business, languages or something else entirely).

I am confident in saying that you will not regret spending time abroad during your college career. In fact, you might even enjoy it so much that you get new direction in your life and decide to pursue a new career path or post-graduation opportunity like Teach for America or Peace Corps. The possibilities are really incredible and I hope you explore as many as you can.