Legos remind me of a much simpler time in my life, where a great day’s accomplishment could just be the construction of a helicopter, or police station, or better yet a police helicopter sitting at my newly built police station. Oh yes, not only was I the self-appointed and undisputed Chief of Police, but I was also the leader of the free people of my little Lego world. I created havoc but always restored peace at the end of the day by putting the bad guy away in his jail cell just before the sun went down. We all knew he would escape again the next day, through some minute flaw in the building’s construction or a jail-keeper asleep too close to the jail door, but it was almost to be expected. Plus, what would the police do all day if they didn’t have a bad guy to catch? Sit around and drink coffee in their little yellow chairs on the second floor of the police station? I don’t think so. They had a job to do, and cool cars and helicopters to do it in, and by golly as Chief of Police I was there to make sure they did it!

I’m not sure how many hundreds of dollars worth of Legos we have in our collection, but judging by the dozens of booklets of building and vehicle instructions I will say that we have a couple thousand pieces easy. We could definitely build a small town out of them, with more than its fair share of police, firemen and rescue workers, but I’m not sure if we ever will. Like I was telling Jonathan today, as we were building and playing with Elias for hours, I think one of the greatest things about Legos is not what you create at the end but what you do as you’re creating. When you are building things, searching for pieces, finding little treasurers and remembering some of your favorite pieces, you are having fun the whole time and you haven’t even finished building anything yet! I think that’s the way Legos work and maybe the way life in general works. We are here to be happy and achieve happiness every day in the big ways and the small ways, but I think in the small ways especially. Watching Elias play with and love Legos like I did shows me that and it has really been awesome to sit back down and discover that again. I lose feeling in my arms or legs every once in a while, like I did as a kid after leaning on them for hours and hours, but even that can be pretty awesome. It might seem silly, but if you have any Legos or old toys laying around the house maybe you should get them out and start playing sometime. I know it’s nice to feel like an adult, but being a kid can feel great too if we just remember how to…Le-go! Right?