Getting my wisdom teeth (third molars for you doctors out there) removed has been a very good experience so far. Not only did quite a few of my friends and family members support me with encouraging calls and messages, but the actual procedure and after-effects have been very painless. The surgery itself, to remove my four wisdom teeth, took thirty minutes start to finish and I was out by 9am. Thanks to an IV-drip I don’t remember anything after the first five minutes up until I was laying in bed at home resting. Apparently, as my mom tells me, I was awake and asking a lot of the same questions over and over on the car ride home but I don’t remember that either. I slept on and off until the afternoon, ate tons of pudding, yogurt, soft cookies and Gatorade and even received a call from my surgeon who asked how I was doing. I received that call around 6:30pm, which is certainly after his office hours and beyond his job description, and I found that very impressive. As a possible future healthcare provider, that simple act really made a strong impact on my thinking. That is certainly the kind of doctor/surgeon I would want to be myself. Well, the adventure of having my wisdom teeth out isn’t all over, but I feel like the hardest part probably is. I’m gonna rest up and relax some, but overall I feel great and am very excited.