A long time ago I heard a commercial on the radio in which a faucet was running and two people were talking about it. "I wonder who left this faucet on?" one person asked the other. "I don't know but somebody should turn it off," she responded. "What nerve! Who would do this kind of thing," he barked, "What is the world coming to these days with people who are so insensitive?"

I don't think life is about figuring out who made the biggest mess or pointing fingers at people who need to clean things up. I think life is about helping each other out and cleaning up the messes that we find. Throwing stones and waxing apocalyptic about the world around us is pretty useless.

In the end of the commercial, the faucet stops and the two conversationalists get quiet. Then one pipes up, "Hey...why did you turn the faucet off?" one asks, referring now to a third person. "Somebody needed to do it rather than just sit around and talk about it," she said.