Isn't it incredible how we can not need something until we see it on a commercial or find it on a clearance rack? Even more incredible, isn't it something that we can forget about that special, life-completing item in less than a week or two? Somehow we "buy" into the hype that buying more things will bring us more happiness and we forget that the things that have always made us happy are pretty simple and inexpensive. It might just be an extra pillow, not a brand new one with a 500-thread count. Or maybe it's a special gift from your little brother or sister, not that expensive t-shirt you bought at the cool kids' store of the moment. Whatever it is, the thing that brings you the most happiness and enjoyment on a day-to-day basis is probably pretty small and pretty simple. Instead of crowding it with tons of crap we don't like, why don't we just surround ourselves with a few things we love. Heck, let's even surround ourselves with a few people we love. A lot of people I really admire are very good at this and that's something that I, for one, would like to buy into myself.