It has been a very interesting and exciting week. On Sunday everyone came to visit Campbell for graduation and Lynch House was jam-packed with excitement. On Monday it was even crazier as we all attended graduation and our little party afterward. On Tuesday morning I woke up to a phone call from my Peace Corps placement officer Yung-Mei and she offered me an invitation to serve in Central Asia leaving July 5th. On Wednesday morning I woke up to a phone call from a FedEx driver who had my invitation packet from Peace Corps and I found out, after opening it, that I was being invited to serve in Kyrgyzstan in Health Promotion. On Thursday morning I called my recruiter back and declined the invitation, asking for another assignment at a later date (which she approved) and then this morning (Friday) I woke up wondering if I made good decisions with everything seeming to go so fast. It reminds me of graduating from high school the same day I had my Eagle Scout award ceremony. With so much happening, it's hard to keep it all in order. I'm pretty sure everything went well though, and that there is a lot more excitement to come. What an interesting start to my summer.