We should not be too concerned with our fame or what people say about us, either bad or good because in reality fame could not make any serious difference to one’s life. Therefore, we should have our priorities right, and seek what is truly of value, what is truly of meaning to our life not just mere fame, which is, after all, empty sounds.
- The Dalai Lama

How often do we hold back what we really think from others? Why in the world would we do that? If we go quietly into the night, if we shy away from conversation about topics on which we disagree with others, if we don't say what we really think, what will happen? Nothing. Absolutely nothing will happen. We won't have ever shared our real selves with anyone and even if we were loved by anyone we weren't loved for who we really were. Image is useless if all it does is stop us from truly caring about anyone or anything. If you care about something, say something, do something. I love Barack Obama and the kind of politician he is, I love books, Denzel Washington, the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lost and what it stands for, books, my friends and family, playing team sports, Peace Corps, wearing clothes that actually feel comfortable, air conditioning, feng shui, meditation, music, volunteering, taking photographs, making websites, thinking about the future, believing the world is good and people are good too, spending my time trying to help others and believing humanity can advance and become better. I love this stuff and frankly, I am calling myself out: I need to spend my time doing these things, thinking about these things and talking about these things. If I don't do what I love, then I'll just end up living, not doing anything, and dying. Living like you're going to die tomorrow means doing what is truly of meaning in your life, today. What is truly of meaning in your life?