Beliefs of Each

I was able to watch Barack Obama's speech on Faith and Politics tonight and I am very impressed. Beyond the recent empty and, I think, manipulative discussions on faith and politics Obama stands not only as a man of faith but as a reasonable, appreciative and understanding man that recognizes the pluralistic and diverse culture in which we live. We stand at a sharp religious divide in our country, not so much because we differ that greatly in our beliefs but because it is advantageous to many political leaders to have us believe that we do. Us against them is an attractive perspective to many fearful and anxious people, but I believe divided we will fall as a country. "Each night I say a prayer," Barack Obama says as he ends his speech, "a hope that we can live with one another in a way that reconciles the beliefs of each with the good of all. It's a prayer worth praying and a conversation worth having." I completely agree.