Who Am I?

Who Am I? (Or, How I Stand Behind Myself)
By: Travis Hellstrom Age 13 for Period 5 English

In writing an autobiography I thought I should talk about my neighborhood, friends, and my family. Hopefully I can keep it in that order. My neighborhood is known as Police Foundation, but we still don’t know why it’s called that. When you come into the neighborhood on a road named Circle Drive, the Police Foundation Park is just on your left. The park has a big, clear blue pond right in the middle and beautifully tall trees all around it. I think that the park is a very nice, clean and peaceful place to go. The park was also my bus stop for my 7th grade year at Central Jr. High. My house was half a mile away and the farthest away for the bus stop. It was always a long walk home after school, but a very quiet one I must say. There was no one I could talk to on my way home from the bus stop and it was a boring trip home because of that. When I would walk home I would usually think about what I would do later. Which was usually....doing my homework. Although I couldn’t complain about my homework in the past, because it was never very hard or extensive. I always had time to do other things I like to do such as Nintendo 64, talking on the phone with my friends and lifting weights (which I have just recently started).

I always enjoy doing things with my friends. I never really consider how lucky I am to have the friends I have, because they are all wonderful to me and I would do anything for them. The saying “It’s hard to find good friends,” is a very, very true saying. A lot of my friends have been with me all my life and have always stood by me and helped me through tough times, even though they might not know it. Just to know you have someone behind you helps you stay up with a clear focus on everything around you. Although, to have friends that stand behind me, I must also be able to stand behind my friends and myself. In standing behind my friends I must never forget to stand behind my family, because all of my 13 years of values have been learned through my family and I will be continuing to learn for the rest of my life. For one day I will be that person that teaches their children about values and all that is important. I will be teaching my hardest then.