As I spend time looking at myself, not just in the mirror smiling and grinning but introspectively, I find my reflections bring with them the need for great fine tuning. The way I treat others, the way I think about friends and the ways I spend my time could all do for some adjustment. Somewhere along the way, for example, I started looking at people and wondering how they could help me rather than how I could help them. I started to look at people who have always helped me and even asked this question. I took my friends, my family and everyone else for granted. I was too important to spend my time wondering how I could help other people, too smart to do menial tasks and too educated to be talked out of whatever conclusions I had thought up. It doesn't take long for that way of living to catch up with you though. People know when you're using them, when you don't really care about them and when you are out for yourself. The family and friends you took for granted will slowly disappear. Everyone else who was so helpful before will become impatient and cold. The life that once, based on service, was so enjoyable becomes lonely and desolate. "What in God's name is love?" I found myself asking. Maybe what is done in God's name is love, I found myself hearing in response. Maybe helping others to get what they need will provide for you all that you need. Help others. Care about the well being of others. Ease their suffering. Become at peace with yourself. Success will come then after you do these things, not the other way around.