Thanksgiving Special!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful break for me, my family and my friends. This is worth noting, I think, because it was also a special trip for my friend Wee who was able to visit home with me. Wee is an international student from Malaysia who had never celebrated Thanksgiving (which makes sense) and had also never been to Kentucky (or Kentucky Fried Chicken Land, as he calls it). We drove for hours and hours, went to some of my favorite places in my hometown of Hickory, visited with my best friends, had Thanksgiving Dinner with my grandparents in Kentucky, dove in leaves with my little brother and even made a funny movie that’s now on YouTube and Facebook. All this to say I think thanksgiving isn’t just about being thankful for what we have, but instead asking what we can give to others. Wee filled what would have been an empty seat in our car during a fantastic trip and we are all thankful that he did. Our Thanksgiving would have never been as great as it was and I venture to say his wouldn’t have either.