Life is Good

I would like to send out two official Travis Hellstrom Inner-Peace-A-Grams to John and Bert Jacobs, the founders of the Life is Good company. "Don't determine that you're going to be happy when you get the new car or the big promotion or when you meet that special person," explains John Jacobs in this week's Inc. article on the Life is Good company, "You can decide that you're going to be happy today."

I have always liked the Life is Good label, their mission, their products and their approach to life. In reading the article, I was very pleased with what John Jacobs (brother to Bert Jacobs who also founded the company) had to say.

"It's important that we're saying 'Life is good,' not 'Life is great' or 'Life is perfect.' There's a big difference. We know there are lots of bad things in the world. But overall life is good. You have to focus on the good things and help others to focus on the good things." Speaking equally loud with their actions through Camp Sunshine and Project Joy, not to mention their Pumpkin Festivals, I know John and Bert both make good on this vision. Life is Good is an inspiration to me for many reasons and I wish them incredible success as they continue to grow over the coming years. It is my pleasure to announce that another two coveted Travis Hellstrom Inner-Peace-A-Grams have been sent. Two thumbs up and good work Life is Good.