Simplification has been a goal for me for quite some time. Up until now it has remained much more a goal than a realization. I have involved myself in so many things for so long that it is hard to pull away. However, when I think about those people whom I really admire, they are the ones who are able to choose not to do too much even though they could. I spoke with Tyler Toney and Ben DeBlanc today for example and, to me, they are those kind of people. It is a treat to be around them and it is refreshing to see how dedicated they are to the few things that they are involved in. From my perspective it seems like those things are: classes, clubs, relationships and research. They have limited the clubs they are in, including leadership positions they have, and they dedicate a lot of time to studying even though they could go out and have fun all the time if they wanted. I really admire their priorities and enjoy being around them. I am probably not too far off from being more simplified in my approach to life, like they are, but I am far enough away to realize I have some improvements that I need to make.