Hammocks Beach!

There is nothing like taking a shower and sleeping in your own bed after going on a filthy, sweaty, long, exhausting, beautiful, sandy, long-distance, sleeping-on-the-hard-floor, wet, frozen-nose-having, shower-less, wonderful camping trip with friends. Every time I go out, hike, backpack, set up camp, stare at the stars and sleep outside, I remember.

Operation Seaspray: Hammocks Beach was a great adventure and I have five great people to thank for that: Chris “Blue jay” McMillan, Chase “Seagull” Vaughan, Wee “King Fisher” Wan, Anna “Mamabird” Garrett and Shaw “Albatross” Rowe. The first four are the brave adventures who lugged the weight, were there every step of the way and made it wonderful. The last, Shaw, was there before it ever started and helped me to create the idea during the summer months ago. Besides the wonderful pictures we were able to take (and Wee was able to take in particular), there are little things all along the way that can’t be captured on film. Thank you for everything guys, long live Eagle Team and its many operations to come.

Yours in Adventure,
Travis “Eagle 1” Hellstrom

Hammocks Beach, originally uploaded by Travis Hellstrom