When I read over Carl Sagan’s and Mohandas Gandhi’s quotes again, they remind me of the simpler way I looked at the world two years ago. The world was a speck of sand in the universe and humanity was a species that I could help guide and advance. Simple problems needed simple solutions and I stood poised to bring them. I started the Haunted Trail, boosted Circle K to new heights and made a stand for my first time as an individual with a private room of reflection and a public life of service. I watched the entirety of Gandhi and Cosmos and I had a grasp on the world.

As things change, as we get older and the we take on a new perspective on the world, it can be inviting to look back and want an older view. A simpler view was a happier view in a lot of ways, but it couldn’t answer all of my questions. It didn’t know the range of experiences that I have had now and maybe most of all, it didn’t know pain or suffering.

When we grow, we choose how we react to the world around us. Whether we think the world is cold, people are kind, or things will be good or bad, we are likely to be correct. It’s hard to have things work out differently than we would have expected them to, but that is how things work. “The world is change;” as said Marcus Aurelius, “this life, opinion.”