When I am around my dad, even for the shortest amounts of time, I learn a lot. With him my normal mode of listening and talking toward other people is reversed and all of a sudden I am the one in question. This isn'’t a bad thing, but it can certainly be uncomfortable. It'’s the kind of un-comfort that I have learned comes with growth and new lessons and so I am not afraid of it, but all the same it can still be surprising.
During our trip to Florida a three weeks ago I was able to talk to him about friends, life, finances, people, integrity, associations, songs, loving what you do and understanding how to deal with other people honorably and responsibly. I also listened to him when he laughed with my brother and sister, told silly jokes, approached his family and friends, back-sassed with sarcastic comments and stories and when he played with our new dog Matchbox who adores him. I have known for a long time that I want to be like my dad when I grow up, but as I actually approach that grown-up time I realize that is a tall order to fill. It'’s nothing less than a few hundred mannerisms and maxims, a couple dozen laughs and responses and an indescribable way of telling stories. I don't suppose any person is ever a carbon-copy of another, but I'd like to try awfully hard to have this original rub off on me. I love my dad and I am glad I had this trip to reflect on just how much I do.