Good as Gold

I think one of the most lucrative job markets available right now is the self-help area. I myself am very fond of books that can be found here, like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and How to Win at College, but I find it is interesting that such a popular area is defined by one thing: people want to more about who they “really are”. It think that is a fair assumption based on the titles of books, magazine articles and computer programs: “Discover the real you”, “Awaken the giant within” and “Be who you were always meant to be,” etc. Although this isn’t all bad, it does propose some problems.
Today we did a little activity to kick off Resident Assistant (RA) Training. We found out what color we were, based on a four-color system including Orange, Blue, Gold and Green. Oranges were the ones always out for a party, blues were always out for a hug, golds were out for responsibility and planning and greens were out to think things over. It was a little more complex than that, but that was the jist anyway. Not surprisingly I came out Gold. “Golds love to plan. They always have their planner or need to know where it is,” said our Residence Life Director. My planner was sitting in my pocket at the moment. So I’m a Gold, so what?
Well, I think that means I am very good at what I do and not so good at what I don’t do. I don’t wonder “where the party is” for example, or ask people if they want a hug, or think things over very deeply if I don’t feel I can prioritize it into my schedule. In some ways that is good, but in many ways it prevents me from being a balanced person.
I’m glad there are all kinds of different colors in this world, in regards to personality as well as culture, but I think the challenge still remains for each of us to constantly redefine who we are. I may be a Gold, but I have a little of the other colors in me too. I might not like it at first, but I figure the more I mix them up the more balanced and happier I’ll be…even if that means flaking off a little gold-plating here and there.