It’s incredible, the kinds of emotions old possessions can bring. I have been looking through old papers, pictures, books, yearbooks, awards, pins, projects, letters, cards, thank you’s and certificates for days. I’ve seen things as far back as my newspaper birth announcement, up through my elementary school sports team pictures, letters and pictures from my middle school girlfriend Adria, my conversations with Josh during class (written on Cell Biology notes) just two years ago and the graduation program from this past Monday morning. As I have continued to peruse through these things, I keep thinking of what Zoe, Danielle and Anna say, “I am richly blessed.” I see so many hundreds of smiles, wonderful memories, incredible words and terrific past experiences. Thanks in little part to my own doing and in large part to the efforts of many other people, my life has been extremely enjoyable and my childhood has been incredibly fortunate. I have been very lucky and I owe a great deal to many people.
Over the past few days I thought I would clean out a lot of my belongings to make room for what is truly important in my life, but I am finding that what is truly important to me comes forth out of many of these belongings. I should frame some of these things, laminate others and bind others up in books it’s true, but overall I need to just keep these things, share them and remember them. They are all important and I hope I always remember that.