Operation Beneathus!

To celebrate the end of school and to have one great outing to kick off the summer, the Lost Sea Underground Adventure was planned and codenamed: Operation Beneathus. It consisted of fourteen avid adventurers from all walks of life and every grade level from seniors in high school to seniors in college and seniors in life including: Leighanna, Scott, Matt, Casey, Adam, Samy, Josh, Chase, David, Jodie, Eric, Phillip, Me and My Dad. To complete Operation Beneathus we climbed, hiked, dove, crawled, ran, jumped, slid, scraped, threw, rolled, fell, and filthified ourselves for hours and hours deep underground through tunnels and holes the size of munchkins. We boated and fish-fed ourselves across the largest underground lake in the country. We slept out in a cavern with one-hundred steps on one side leading to the surface and one ninety-foot hole on one side leading to goodness knows where. We covered ourselves in clay and friendship, we filled ourselves with new experiences and fun and may I say, we all left our Operation Beneathus a little dirtier and a little wiser. Congratulations adventurers, you all proved that nothing is above us as the sky is our limit and nothing is beneath us because, let's face it, we've already been down there.