El Empiezo

This is the first time I have been able to write here since I have been in Costa Rica and it feels like I don't have nearly enough space to say everything I want to. Every night I sit down to write out my thoughts for the day in my journal and I am overwhelmed, both in Spanish and in English. My spanish vocabulary is exploding, my life lessons are piling up every hour and new experiences are occuring one after another. Our classes at the Institute are great and our professors are exceptional. Our biology class with Dr. Bartlett is exciting and has allowed me the opportunity to explore the world of Peace Corps and soon the world of rural clinic volunteering as well. Our group from Campbell has seen areas of Costa Rica that even some of the residents of the country haven't seen and in just the last four days we have visited the La Paz Waterfalls, Tortuga Island, the Doka Estate, and Jaco Beach. This weekend we are visiting Monteverde and I can't wait to write about that when we get back.
It's really incredible to me that I can experience all of these things and I feel confident that I will return home with a renewed focus and understanding of the world around me. Costa Rica is a wonderful and surprising place and it seems to me that it is the perfect testing ground for my interest in Peace Corps as well as in the world at large. I look forward to telling everyone about my trip when I return and until then know that I am thinking a lot about you, my family and friends, and I look forward to seeing you soon.
!Buenas Noches!