Rain Check

When it is hard for me to get up in the morning sometimes I try to let other things make the decision for me. This morning it was rain. If it was raining outside as it was forecasted to do, I would not go to Noah’s Landing in the morning to volunteer and I would also not go to the Kickball Kablooie I had planned to play that afternoon. In fact, all my appointments that day could we skirted if I opened my window and saw a downpour of rain. As I barely opened my eyes and the curtains to my window, I peered outside and saw nothing but sunlight. Rain, it seemed, would not make decisions that morning.
I went about getting ready for Noah’s Landing, I got together with Chase and picked up two members of Circle K to volunteer with us at Noah’s Landing. We worked all morning, moving fences, digging, setting up fences and at the end relaxing with the animals. We wore ourselves out and piled back into the car just after noon, rainclouds looming over us as they had all morning.
As we drove back to campus the rain pounded on the car and we headed to eat lunch before it was time for the kickball that we imagined would be cancelled for that afternoon. We ate, got dressed to play outside and headed out the field to get ready. As the time to start came and went, we only had four people there to play ball. We would need atleast eight more to play a decent game and the rainclouds now drizzled on the field. We tossed the ball back and forth, but it wasn’t looking good.
Slowly people began to arrive, first a group of four, then a few pairs walking over from their dorms. As the rain poured down, we didn’t know what would happen. The group of four sat in their car waiting. I stood waiting too. Would we have enough? Should we even play? Will the rain let up? Will it ever get sunny? We had food and drinks coming and plenty of people now, 12 in all. The rain quit. “Let’s pick captains,” I said.
An hour and a half later we were all spent. We had played a great game and were now soaking wet with rain and our own sweat, full of gatorade and energy bars which the catering services had brought us and we all stood there thinking about the time that seemed like it had been made just for us. The rain was never enough to make us quit, but rather it was perfectly misty at times and encouraged us to keep playing. Had it been sunny, it might have been miserable. In fact if it had been sunny, three of the participants later told me they wouldn’t have come. Everything they had planned for that day had been cancelled, including a trip to play paintball that afternoon. With all the time remaining, they decided to come out and try kickball in case we were playing.
As I thanked everyone for coming and got in my car, I couldn’t help but think that I was glad the rain didn’t make my decision that morning. Sometimes events have much larger purposes than the small people who might plan and organize them. I wanted to stay in bed and not get up, but that decision would have affected a lot more people than me. I’m glad that there was no rain when I checked for it and I’m glad that I got up. I hope that I’ll get up next time, rain or not.