This I Believe

In the spirit of the NPR Radio's This I Believe series, I would like to write what I think.

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I believe in thank you's. I believe in appreciation and telling others what you think about them and about their time that they spend with you. I believe in living in a state of appreciation and thankfulness for others and for the things that we receive that we might take for granted. I think sometimes that requires that we give thank you notes, I think sometimes that requires we give gifts or just telling someone what you think, telling them thank you, telling them that you appreciate what they've done. They didn't do it because they wanted the thank you or because they needed the appreciation but I think all of us know what it feels like to be appreciated and how important it is for us to feel that. We all give up our time whether it's to give advice to someone or spend time with someone, to do something together. We give our time to sit down and talk with people, to make things for them, to buy things for them after we work at a job to get money to buy something. Whatever it is, we're showing someone how much we care about them and how much we wish for them by spending time to do that and, for me, I believe in thank you's and I believe in giving back the kind of time that people spend with you to say thank you and to give them appreciation for what they do for you.