Just Breathe

Breathing is amazing. Twenty times a minute we breathe: twenty times a minute air flows in, twenty times a minute we push air out. Sometimes it’s faster. Sometimes it’s slower. Sometimes it’s labored. Often it’s unnoticable. Breathe, just breathe.
I love this song because it calms me, paces me and helps me. It slows my breathing down to match her voice. Every time she says “just breathe” I do. On one set I breathe in, on one set I breathe out. I didn’t notice at first, but then I don’t usually notice my breathing at first either. I have an opportunity to concentrate and be awake to every breath of my life, but it’s a real challenge. Sometimes I meditate and breathe or I sit up straight and breathe. I try to concentrate and appreciate what I have; I hold in my breath a little longer, I let out my breath a little longer. I just breathe and somehow things slow down. Somehow things clear up and I can move through it all just a little but more calmly. And breathe, just breathe, ohh breathe, just breathe.