I think sometimes things can be beautiful because they are both simple and spectacular. For instance, a bouncy ball: it is simple, reminescent of our childhood and often beautiful in itself simply because of its design and function. The idea of a bouncy ball being dropped down the street is something many of us remember experiencing as a child or even as an older child: chasing it, watching it, holding it and bouncing it. It was simple and spectacular, beautiful and functional.
Fast forward to adulthood and those same beautiful and simple things are forgotten too often. Bouncy balls are seen and barely remembered for what they used to mean to us. We can see a bouncy ball and remember only a little of what that was like to hold it, chase it, watch it and bounce it. It’s as if it is too simple now. It’s as if something has changed. If something has, I wonder if it’s the bouncy ball or maybe if it’s me. It is easy to make life complex. It is easy to forget about the small things. Sometimes I have to be shocked back into seeing them, but I hope I don’t have to too often. There are too many beautiful things to see. Too many beautiful things chase, watch, hold and bounce.