I am sitting in a wonderful city within a wonderful hotel, attending the 45th Annual Carolinas District Circle K Convention. It has been a wonderful trip and I have received a lot of wonderful rewards, and most of those rewards have come from two very special women.
Anna and Danielle have made this trip wonderful and I really feel like I am right where I am when I am with them. I stay up late, I go out late, I come to things late, I turn in things late, I arrive to things late and somehow we are always right on time. They are beautiful people who think very hard about the good in themselves and in others. They bring people up around them, they inspire others to be great and they make me feel wonderfully lucky to be sharing the same space with them. They are addictively attractive in their personalities and their behavior, being playful, serious, contemplative and ridiculous all at the same time. They make me feel like I should explore all kinds of wild adventures with them and at the same time, I feel like we can just stay right where we are and talk for hours upon hours. Somehow we do both.
As I think about special people in my life, I think about what they mean to me and what they will mean to me in the future. These are trick questions, trick expectations, trick thoughts. What do they mean to me right now? They are my friends. They are people whom I have invested my time and energy into and with whom I have shared many wonderful adventures. They are beautiful, wonderful, helpful and special human beings whom I am better in myself for knowing. They have shown me sides of myself that I needed to see and helped me to answer questions about myself that I have always wanted to ask. They are my friends. They don'’t have to live forever to mean all of these things to me. They don'’t even have to live until tomorrow for all of this to be true to me. I don't even have to live until tomorrow for all of this to be true. I am friends with Danielle and Anna and we have been friends through an exciting time in our lives. They are a part of my continuing development as a happy and balanced person and I am a part of their continued development as happy and balanced people. I feel very thankful for every moment I have spent with them. I feel very thankful for every thought we have been able to share, every song we have been able to sing and every feeling we have been able to discuss. I want them to know that I care about them both deeply, that I love them for who they are and that I accept them for everything they are and dream of becoming, as well as for everything that they may do that they will regret. I hope that I will be here as a friend and as myself, to help them when they need help. I want to be available to them and I want to care about them so that they can come to me when they need to and when they want to. I want to be their friend. I want to be me. I want them to be them. I want to sit right here and reflect on a wonderful trip with two wonderful people, in a wonderful place surrounded by wonderful things. I want to and I am. I am.