This He Believes

This He Believes. Dr. Ben Carson is a doctor whom I have watched, a speaker whom I have heard personally in Washington, D.C. and a family friend with whom my friend Zoe has eaten dinner. He is a normal man in many ways and an extraordinary man in others. He received world renown for his work with pediatric neurosurgery and is regularly one of the most sought after professors at one of the world’s most prestigious medical schools, Johns Hopkins. Hearing him speak, reading about him in stories and hearing about him from Zoe has kept me interested in him for years now. After all of that, now hearing his “This I Believe” means all that much more to me.
Dr. Carson believes in his mother. He believes in parenting, he believes in teaching and he believes in helping others become great. Around us, all the time, people are here to help us and teach us if we are ready and willing. I appreciate hearing what Dr. Carson had to say, and in thinking myself about people who have really made my life great.