Thinking about priorities is hard. It requires that I consider everything I do and wonder if I am doing it to the level at which I wish to do it. For example, Circle K is a priority to me. It provides me a way to serve my community, helps other students to see active service, provides them an opportunity to serve others and become a leader and all the while it builds friendships and relationships that will help define each of our lives. Circle K is important to me and sometimes that importance is overshadowed. It is overshadowed by other things that aren’t as important but still pile up together somehow to block out my energy from getting where I would like it to go. Pre-Med Allied Health Honors Society and being an RA are important to me, but they aren’t as important as Circle K. Being a successful and developed honors student in the field of biology is important to me, but sometimes that is overshadowed by how much time I spend on the Student Advisor program or a developing recycling program at Campbell. I have choices and difficult times of priority that require decisions about what I want to be remembered through. These things show how well I use my time and challenge me to be a full person instead of a half of a person doing a lot of things. Like Bilbo said, as Chase reminded me, I feel 'like butter spread over too much bread.' That is difficult. I think it’s time I spread myself a little differently.