Living in Harmony

I drove through a place called Harmony while in Florida over the summer. It seemed too perfect for a community, and maybe it was. The whole place had been manufactured as a whole. It was a town before the first person moved there and it has been constructed as a stand alone community within our new worldwide infrastructure. There are commercial, industrial and residential areas within the town limits all within walking distance. There are schools, elementary school through high school, again all within walking distance. There is a town center, plenty of parks, a nature preserve, a full-time community biologist, town administration and even a little dog park. It seems like everything is taken care of and everyone is taken care of too.
Is this our future? Is this how things are supposed to be? I'm not sure. I suppose there are many beautiful things which this community seems to exemplify and I expect there are also things which are a bit far from reality too. I've lived in different communities throughout my life and I'm still not sure what reality is. I'’ve been happy in many different places and I'm not quite sure what harmony is. Maybe by thinking more, listening more and living more I will figure out those things. Maybe I'll figure out if a place that seems perfect might just be that and maybe if I think it, I can help create it. Maybe.