I was going to write about the Intelligent Design dinner and presentation I went to today, tonight, but instead I think I am going to write about friends. Tomorrow I will write about the Intelligent Design stuff.
Friends are an interesting thing, or interesting things rather. They are people that you meet for one reason or another, who you then spend time with and get to know, who you then trust and have intimate contact with and then in some instances who you rely on and look to for support, inspiration, fun and entertainment. Friends can be a lot of things, and can take a lot of time, but they can also be a challenge. Sometimes we can’t spend time with our friends like we would want. Sometimes we even forget to contact them, e-mail them, call them or visit them when they would like for us to. Sometimes we have regrets.
It can be a difficult thing, balancing all the other things life throws at us…plus friends. However, what really matters in the end? Is it best to have priorities ordered from spirituality to family to friends to work to clubs to hobbies? I’m a pretty big organizer and sometimes it’s helpful. Sometimes it is better just to have a feel for it though. Sometimes friends just feel like they need to be important, that friendship needs to be important. It’s a hard decision still, but it’s like Sean Covey says:
If you had to cross a beam between two skyscrapers, what would you cross it for? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? A million? What about a family member? A friend?

He is testing us on priorities; what is of utmost importance to us as individuals. Sometimes I don’t know exactly. Sometimes I do.