Eagle Team EMS

Another wild week in the life of Eagle Team EMS. First Chase was eating too fast in Marshbanks and then Travis choked on an oatmeal cookie in the Rumley Center...well, actually those were just scenarios. Chosen for their realism and relevance to our cause, these two scenarios served us well today as not one, not two, but five Eagle Team members became CPR certified.
Anna “Mama Bird” Garrett, Danielle “Hawk-eye” Dolan, Amy “Hummingbird” Lee, Shaw “Albatross (Bravo Captain)” Rowe, and Travis “Eagle 1” Hellstrom all went through an intensive Saturday CPR certification training from 8am to 4pm and came out better people. Developing their skills in Infant, Child and Adult CPR, these five daring doers of good met with other friends from Campbell and practiced and practiced. We watched American Heart Association videos, hunted through our textbooks, pressed on dummies, breathed into bags, tooks tests (twice in my case) and left smarter, faster and more prepared.
Good work you goodie-two-shoeses you. We might not save anybody in the next few days, but then again…we might. Eagle 1 over and out.