Antwone Fisher

I think Antwone Fisher is a movie about psychiatry, strength, family and personal growth and I also think it is an incredible motion picture. Directed by Denzel Washington, winner of the coveted Travis Hellstrom Inner Peace Award, the movie was everything I hoped it would be. Denzel plays Dr. Jerome Davenport, a naval psychiatrist evaluating naval seaman Antwone Fisher, played by Derek Luke. Together they travel through Antwone'’s past and help him to confront everything from childhood abuse to adult anger.

As a student planning to go into the medical field and maybe even psychiatry, the movie Antwone Fisher especially hit home with me. I think it would be quite an honor, to be able to assist someone in such a difficult situation. I am certainly more spurred on now to continue to look at psychiatry as an area of interest, maybe just as much as I am spurred on to watch as many Denzel Washington movies as I can get my hands on. An accomplished actor, budding director and overall great person, Denzel Washington has never disappointed me. I couldn'’t be prouder of my foresight in choosing a recipient for the Inner Peace Award, and I couldn't be more eager in recommending this movie to my friends. Thank you Denzel. Keep up the good work.