Wake Up

To many of us I think the beginning of a new semester signals different things. I would wager that the older students feel less excitement and more stress than the younger students, due in large part to their more responsibilities and expectations. As we return to school there are necessities which hold onto our minds and pull on our plans. It feels like there are things we have to accomplish, clubs we have to improve, projects we have to complete, improvements we have to make and goals we have to achieve. It might not be anyone but ourselves who believe it, but just the same it feels like the weight of the world is on our backs at times. What surprises me is how real those necessities can feel, especially when I know them in my heart to only be polite suggestions. There may be things I will want to do, but it is I who should want to do them. There may be projects I will complete, clubs I want to improve, goals I want to achieve and improvements in myself I want to make but it most certainly be I who wants to decide them. If these things match with my conscience and goals, my hopes and my dreams than let it be so…but if not, why worry? It is my life to live and my chance to dream. I have an opportunity to give myself a life I will be excited to wake to and proud to look back on; I have a chance to be myself. I have a chance to live out my life, my time and my energy in a way which excites me and delights me and I have that chance every moment. I would like to take myself up on that. I would like to start a new semester just like a new day. I would like to wake up.