So Much

Friends. Friends. Friends. Family. Family. Family. Love. Love. Love. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Christmas. Confusion. Closeness. Appreciation. Hugs. Trees. Presents. Fires. Candy canes. Warmth. Food. Smells. Handshakes. Milkshakes. Chocolates. Socks. Couches. Movies. Classics. Brothers. Moms. Santa. Dads. Grandmothers. Aunts. Cousins. Grandfathers. Uncles. Old relatives. New relatives. Sisters. Carpet. Animals. Pets. Flowers. Cakes. Late nights. Early mornings. Sunrises. Phone calls. Letters. Money. Smiles. Surprises. Touches. Thoughts. Thank you’s. Travels. Reflections. Traditions. Experiences. New memories. New Year’s. New semester. New friends. New chances. New resolve. New loves. New. You. Me. Us. We.

So much to remember. So much to come.